River Mermaids

In collaboration with Elizabeth Weinstein
November 8, 2014
Open Call Guerrilla Outdoor Performance Festival / Wissahickon Park / Philadelphia, PA

In twenty-foot dresses, Elizabeth Weinstein and I sat at a table and chairs, our skirts getting swept up and tugged downstream. We performed gestures and signs, graceful seated dances, slow revelations, and pedestrian actions creating a moving image that arose from the environment and that accentuated the impulses that arose in us during our duration in the flowing river.

Our mantra: We will take our time
Schuylkill River
July 15, 2016
Schuylkill River Arts Day / Schuylkill River / Philadelphia, PA
Our tails carried with the current. This is where we live. With cake and candles we will celebrate the river. Look around you. Make a wish. Our mantra: We will take our time.

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