• Primary Sources: Materials for a New Cultural Archive

  • "This Time suggested that time, space, and presence may be less fixed than we think" "ambitious, imaginative, and full of questions"
    Broad Street Review

  • "Every crisis, every triumph, every sandwich was on display for all the world to see."
    FringeArts Blog

  • "#AllYourMarketing aims to showcase the 'unscripted crises' of the festival." Philly

  • "For Kroll, being on the water in a boat is a meditative experience, when time seems to slow as the current moves past."
    The FringeArts Blog

  • "In a disheartening public space the Jehovah’s Witness approach in offering salvation is no doubt a good one, but it was Anna’s lighthearted gesture that made people smile throughout the day."
    Curate This

  • "Kroll grew up in Florida and visited a waterfall almost every day she was at Vermont’s Bennington College, she said. After settling in Philadelphia, 'I was constantly visiting the river and starting to realize how I use water to locate and feel connected to my surroundings.'" 
    Broad Street Review

  • "Kroll simultaneously acts as a museum curator and Avant Garde artist. As she catalogs and displays her experiences with water like archaeological objects placed within glass cases, she also flips Instagram upside down, turning it into a medium like no other. " 

  • "Mermaids have been swimming in the Philly dance zeitgeist for a few years now... More recent iterations include the imagery within Tatyana Tenembaum’s Thunder and the subject-matter of Elizabeth Weinstein and Anna Kroll’s River Mermaids"

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